[thesite] To Finish teo --> weo

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Wed Jan 2 15:27:06 CST 2002

Hey guys ...

Let's recap what's left to be done on teo so we can roll it up to production
.. hopefully this week/end.

(1)  Finish graphical representation of the ratings bar (.jeff).  (Includes
deleting old)
(2)  Test/debug addition of Bio and uploading of photo (Michele and others);
report any problems ASAP to thesite.
(3)  Comment out reference to "thelist" on the sidebar .. not complete yet
(4)  Minor editorial changes to user edit screen (bio and pic sections)
(Michele & .jeff).
(5)  Write article for Community News category (Michele input from others).

Anything else?

Are we good to go with updating the live DB with the changes Dean made?  Do
they need to be done the same time as teo gets moved up?  Or are we going to
leave the teo DB this way until we are confident it has undergone enough
testing, then change the live DB at another time?

Jeff, let me know your schedule, if you're able to finish up what's
remaining to be done.



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