[thesite] User Page (Signup) Done

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Thu Jan 3 00:45:05 CST 2002


I incorporated all of the changes .. I think everything is a-ok .. the file
is backed up just in case anything got messy.  I added the part to show
"register | evolt.org" and "modify | user profile".  I took a guess, and it
works .. I can copy & paste with the best of them .. but please check anyway

I included the tags you suggest in the author's bio write up .. but
processing that I'll gladly leave up to you.  :)

We sure didn't get many testers .. :(

Head on over to t.e.o. (http://test.evolt.org), login, click on Edit Account
(sidebar), upload a photo (NOTE, size restrictions) and enter a bio, update

Any other comments from anyone else?


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