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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Thu Jan 3 09:33:30 CST 2002


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From: "Madhu Menon" <webguru at vsnl.net>

| At 12:16 PM 1/3/2002, Michele Foster typed these words:
| >Head on over to t.e.o. (http://test.evolt.org), login, click on Edit
| >(sidebar), upload a photo (NOTE, size restrictions) and enter a bio,
| >profile.
| >
| >Any other comments from anyone else?
| Yeah.
| 1) I thought we were going to discuss the image dimensions on theforum.
| IMNSHO, 180*90 is really weird. People's faces are not in a 2:1 ratio.
| Don't believe me? Measure the length of your face and compare it to its
| width. It's more like 1:1.5 (although the shapes of faces vary - a lot)
| I propose 120*140 instead.

Doesn't matter to me .. Jeff will have to modify the code for that .. I only
update the text ;)

| 2) I've also got a couple of minor issues with the "Options" checkboxes.
| a) They're verbose.
| "If this box is checked, you will receive notification when people comment
| on your articles." can be replaced with a simpler, "Notify me when people
| comment on my articles". We can safely assume that our audience knows that
| a checkbox needs to be checked (unlike my mother).
| b) A checkbox is an affirmative UI element. (My term. Like it?) Always use
| a checkbox to say "yes" to doing something. Only shady sites use it to NOT
| do something. Remember how some sites say, "Check this if you do *not*
| to receive mails from our sponsors"?
| Therefore, I suggest we change the text to "Display my email address on
| author information page" and leave it checked by default.

These weren't modified in any way.  Your suggestions sound fine .. I've no
problem changing them .. but someone else will need to double check the code
and that they will still work properly or make modifications as necessary.
Jeff or Dan will have to deal with this.  Specficially, the first option
(the second one you list) will change, as you are suggesting checking if you
DO want your email displayed, whereas currently it is check if you DO NOT
want your email displayed.  So, the trigger has to change that gets put into
the DB.  (If we go with the new wording that is.)

| 3) As for allowed HTML tags, I don't see a reason to allow all the tags
| used in articles. IMO, only the following will suffice:
| <p>,<br>,<i>,<em>,<b>,<strong>,<a>

Doesn't matter to me personally ...... I used Jeff's list that he had ...
Jeff, whatcha think?

| 4) In the author's photo bit, change:
| "Note that the image must be in "GIF" or "JPG" format, and must be exactly
| 180 pixels wide by 90 pixels tall."
| to bulleted points. Boldface "exactly".

Ok, this I can do .. but I'll wait until the image dimensions are decided
for sure.  ;)

| 5) Last question: what will be shown in the "author photo" section when a
| photo already exists? Will there be any indication that it does?

Yeah, the photo shows up if it is there .. once you upload it, save the
changes then go back to that page the photo displays, along with a checkbox
that says "Delete the current photo without replacing it?"


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