[thesite] User Page (Signup) Done

mccreath mccreath at ak.net
Thu Jan 3 09:39:01 CST 2002

I tested it, but everything went okay (except that I didn't notice the
directional components of the dimensions and made my image 90 wide and 180
high. It looked funny.), so I didn't say anything. Bad tester! *swat*

Netscape 6.2, W2K

I agree with the few comments that 180w x 90h is a weird aspect, but I
wasn't in on the original discussions. However, I would like to opine that
any *bigger* than that would be too big. Madhu, if you put a 120w x 140h
picture in that box, you'd be using a fairly significant chunk of page real
estate for the picture, even on a 600 x 800 screen, especially if you take
into account the rest of the box.

Not to derail the progress, and knowing that I wasn't here for the original
conversation, but is there a reason that we can't specify a *maximum* width
and height and let people work within those? Don't hold up the code roll
because of this, but I'm curious.

FWIW, I just made mine a transparent gif.


Can we lose the border around the image? I don't think it's necessary, and
it's not the same size as the <hr> below (the <hr> is a few pixels wider),
so it bugs the anal retentive in me.


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