[thesite] User Page (Signup) Done

Miriam Frost miriam at members.evolt.org
Thu Jan 3 10:11:13 CST 2002


Thinking about this a bit more... I really like the look of the wide
picture, but admittedly, it might be tricky to find a pic that works in that
size. What if we offer two size options, one the nice wide-look format, and
one for smaller headshots like the other one that was posted a few minutes
ago? (Sorry, can't find the link, just deleted a bunch of mail. D'oh.)

> From: "mccreath" <mccreath at ak.net>
> | I agree with the few comments that 180w x 90h is a weird aspect, but I
> | wasn't in on the original discussions. However, I would like to opine
> | any *bigger* than that would be too big. Madhu, if you put a 120w x 140h
> | picture in that box, you'd be using a fairly significant chunk of page
> That's a good point ... what "would" be a good size of image?  I think we
> want to maintain consistency and enforce a specific image size for all
> Does look odd when the image doesn't fill the box .. looks like that block
> isn't centred.  Let's play with the image size, then tweak the box a bit
> more.

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