[thesite] Evolt Images

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 3 10:49:09 CST 2002

> From: "Michele Foster" <michele at wordpro.on.ca>
> We talked about adding source files to the images FAQ .. but I don't
> know which files on Adrian's site to actually add...
> http://roselli.org/new_evolt/logos.asp
> logo_all_50.psd ?
> or
> logo_all.psd ?

logo_all_50.psd is the proper version of the logo with the cube lines 

logo_all.psd is the EPS converted to a PSD and with the RGB 
colors inserted... it's a good base to make any size image, 
assuming the person doing it then aliases the edges of the cubes...

> What about the cubes?

mini-cubes?  i like the ones we're using for number of articles 
better, even though they aren't the exact replica of the logo cubes...

> Also, I just now d/l the file Olly posted, referenced below .. and its
> a variation of the logo .. "hosted by evolt.org" .. should it just be
> added as a gif?   Or also added as a source file?  Or should we keep
> the source files as only the "official" logos?

we should add it to the evolt.org 50px file, but as a mini-font so 
aliasing it isn't an issue... if people need a smaller version of the 
logo, they just take that layer with the 'hosted by' and stuff it into a 
smaller version of the logo... we can't build *all* the files everyone 
might need, but we can give them all the building blocks...

i can work on that later on...

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