[thesite] User Page (Signup) Done

David Mccreath mccreath at ak.net
Thu Jan 3 12:06:13 CST 2002

> what "would" be a good size of image?  I think we
> want to maintain consistency and enforce a specific image size 
> for all pics. So that the block of information is always the 
> same .. I'm guessing anyway.

Okay -- for the sake of conversation (and still with trepidation of 
rehasing stuff that's already been decided) ...

Is it really necessary that the pictures all be the same size? 
Everything else on the site is fluid and the way that block is built 
(using a right-aligned table), the text will flow around it as 

Can we just specify a maximum size in each direction and let people 
upload what they want? I think the current sizes are reasonable as 
maximums: a 90px tall picture with a 1:1.5 (w:h) aspect would be 60px 
wide, which seems plenty big for a headshot to me. If you wanted to 
give a little more room for traditional headshots, you could bump the 
height up to 98px, which would give you a width of 72px.


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