[thesite] User Page (Signup) Done

David McCreath mccreath at ak.net
Thu Jan 3 13:16:35 CST 2002

> [...] 
>>Is it really necessary that the pictures all be the same size? 
>>Everything else on the site is fluid and the way that block is built
>>(using a right-aligned table), the text will flow around it as
> [...]
> then what do we put in the width and height attributes?
> missing width/height will fail validation...


Check the file as the page is loading and plop the dimensions in? That's 
probably a little hard on the server since we're loading that picture on 
every single article page (instead of just the user's page), so it may 
not be worth it at this point. (Don't know enough about CF to figure it 
out, but I know two ways to do it in an IIS/ASP envrionment would be 
with a compiled component or the FileSystemObject, both of which have 
their drawbacks.) Is something like ImageMagick an option here? Or is 
that only useful in the uploading process than the viewing process?

I'm really okay with it the way it is, especially since I can't offer 
any code fixes, and I'm not against requiring a specific image size, it 
just seems like an unusual aspect where most people will likely want to 
upload a headshot. Tha'sall.

Reiterating, just to make sure everyone gets sick of hearing it: I know 
this has all been discussed. I only jumped in when someone asked for 
specific input. :)


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