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Ben Dyer ben_dyer at imaginuity.com
Thu Jan 3 14:45:10 CST 2002

On 02:27 PM 1/3/2002, Madhu Menon said to me:
>At 01:51 AM 1/4/2002, Ben Dyer typed these words:
>>OK, soooo...the solution is to have it like it was?
>>Wider than taller to better accomodate the look at a reasonable height?
>Well, many people don't think that's a good idea, Ben (as you can see from 
>recent messages), which is why we were trying these new sizes. See my 
>email from a few hours ago explaining why "wider than taller" isn't so hot :)
>I for one don't want to display just my eyes (though they're beautiful ;) 
>or just my nose, or just my forehead :P

Yeah, but I read through everything and watched each potential option 
vanish. :)

OK, so:

  - A small 1:2 WxH ratio (more or less) doesn't fit right.

    From .jeff:
    "no offense, but i think the photo looks like a major afterthought in 
this one."

  - A large 1:2 WxH ratio (more or less) is too big:

    From yourself:
    "That would make the photo approximately 160*200 to maintain 
proportion. Too big."

  - A compromise 1:2 WxH ratio (more or less) still doesn't fit right.

    From .jeff again:
    "this is only slightly better than the other one. the photo *really* 
needs to stretch to the width of the container for it to look right."

  - And a 2:1 WxH ratio doesn't match up with people's faces.

    From David (and others):
    "I agree with the few comments that 180w x 90h is a weird aspect..."

And each comment is completely valid and I agree with each one, but it 
doesn't leave many options.  If I had to choose from the four above, I'd 
still roll with what's there now, weird aspect ratio and all.


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