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.jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Thu Jan 3 16:23:46 CST 2002


> From: David McCreath
> (/me narrowly misses stepping on soapbox about
> appropriate page for the user info box being the
> user page, not each article page, and decides to
> save that for the redesign discussion. ;p )

you whispered too loudly so i have to say something.

we already know this information belongs on the user *also*.  however, it's
already been debated about whether or not it's appropriate to have this on
the article pages.  the stronger argument lies with those that say it brings
some personality to an otherwise bland bit of content, making the subject
matter more approachable.  it puts info about the author in front of the
end-user who may not be likely to click through to the user page and
otherwise see the info.

> Thank you for your opinion and your valiant attempt to
> protect me from making a page that *you* think looks
> like ass. Will you aid me in my attempt to make a page
> that *I* don't think looks like ass?

take a quick peek at some of the other pics that have been put up already
(themadman and mishka are good examples).  the border around the pic
actually works very well as it gives a nice finished off demarcation between
the edge of the photo and its container.  now, most photos that fill the
entire space will benefit from this.  but, will most users think to add the
border to their photo?  probably not.  so we do it for them to aid in the

> Either you give the user creative freedom or you don't.

oh, right, and i suppose your high school art teacher let you use clay for
an oil-painting project?  ;p

creativity thrives with constraints.

> > -- ie, fill up the damn box
> "i'd really rather not." ;p

then don't, whether or not the border is there it'll still look like ass.
/me ducks.

i seriously think your approach to the aspect ratio will be in the minority
and therefore the need you're citing to remove the border will also be in
the minority.  i see it benefiting far more than harming and would be very
reluctant to remove it.


jeff at members.evolt.org

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