[thesite] author info box option

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Thu Jan 3 16:28:56 CST 2002

+1.. can't we just make it like the bio blurb? a radio button next to it 
saying, 'show this to gods|admins|logged in people|anyone|noone'

i can see this is mostly done, but theres still alot up in the air(it 
seems to me at least). i don't want my name showing in that box for 
example. how do i, as a user, have it not show up? also, the form times 
out for me when i try to update my user information, no one is logged in 
via FTP at the moment either editing anything.

also, where is the 'additional articles published..' at the bottom of an 
article getting its results from? the 5 articles it pulls up for me are 
totally random, which perhaps is the purpose.. but it should at least by 
mentioned that its random since any other site that does a 'other 
articles by so and so' feature usually has it in an orderly fashion.
and wow, do we make people scroll to post a comment.

some of these new features just seem to be there and as they are because 
thats the way they first got written(example would be the author 
picture.. because(from what i can tell) the first image jeff tested the 
feature with happened to be 176x91 or whatever it originally was) and 
haven't, for the most part, changed since.

not trying to rehash anything here or make more work for anyone, or 
direct this at anyones personal self.. just thinking outloud

Warden, Matt wrote:

> I would turn it off, too.
> Personally, though, I'd like to turn them all off, because I don't like
> them -- as a user who finds them distracting when I'm trying to read.
> So, if there's interest in making that a customizable option, I'm 100%
> down with that. Otherwise, I'll just suffer through it.

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