author picture border (was Re: [thesite] User Page (Signup) Done)

David McCreath mccreath at
Thu Jan 3 16:53:01 CST 2002

Quick question:

Does anyone else have anything to say about the border? I don't want 
this to be just me an .jeff waving our m4d d3z1gn sk1llz in each others' 

Now, on with the intellectualizing ...

> you whispered too loudly so i have to say something.

I'm sorry. I really shouldn't have brought that up, because I did skim 
the conversations surrounding it. I was just horsing around. (Although I 
do strongly believe that it clutters the article page, as designed. But 
I'm going to drop it. Until we get to the redesign discussion.)

> take a quick peek at some of the other pics that have been put up already
> (themadman and mishka are good examples).  the border around the pic
> actually works very well as it gives a nice finished off demarcation between
> the edge of the photo and its container.  now, most photos that fill the
> entire space will benefit from this.  but, will most users think to add the
> border to their photo?  probably not. so we do it for them to aid in the presentation.

What? You're making them go to the effort of finding/creating/altering 
an image that will fit in that box and then assuming that they won't 
take the extra 5 seconds to put a 1 pixel stroke around it if they 
thinks it's warranted? Bah. You're just too attached to that border, man.

>>Either you give the user creative freedom or you don't.
> oh, right, and i suppose your high school art teacher let you use clay for
> an oil-painting project?  ;p

Yer damn skippy she did. I do multi-media, man.
Get your rules off me! >:E

> creativity thrives with constraints.

I believe that the contraint of 180 x 90 is enough.

> whether or not the border is there it'll still look like ass.
> /me ducks.

har-har. har-de-har-har. /me sobs quietly into hanky.

> i see it benefiting far more than harming and would be very
> reluctant to remove it.

I disagree. Can we please at least *try* it on teo before we roll the 
code up?


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