author picture border (was Re: [thesite] User Page (Signup) Done)

David McCreath mccreath at
Thu Jan 3 17:24:25 CST 2002

> i'd like to get it out in the wild and get some feedback.

I totally agree.

>>>oh, right, and i suppose your high school art teacher
>>>let you use clay for an oil-painting project?  ;p
>>Yer damn skippy she did. I do multi-media, man.
>>Get your rules off me! >:E
> bah, you didn't listen to the question.

Sure I did. I just didn't answer it. I had to get the "get your rules 
off me" shot in there somehow.

> and i don't view the border as a constraint.  ;p
> i view it as a design element of the author block.


> where were you when we were working on this a month or two ago?  ;p

Very, very busy. Now I'm back to make your life more pleasant.

> seriously, i can take the border off to see what people think (quick, go
> look), how much more effort are we going to go through in trying to get this
> ready to roll up to w.e.o.?

Seriously, don't do it just for me. If nobody else speaks up, let's drop 
it and get back to biz. I'll work with the border if I have to, but 
your're just wrong wrong wrong. *shudder*


np - a very old, confusing mix tape that has so far gone through D.O.A. 
(vancouver punk), Motorhead, pre-fame Beasties, and Bocephus and just 
landed on Redd Kross. That must have been a great night ...

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