[thesite] Ratings Bar .. CSS .. yet again ...

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Thu Jan 3 20:12:44 CST 2002


Not for me .. I'm ok at the moment .. just working on CSS files at the

I only added a table to the "test" article so I can test the colours in the
various CSS files .. make sure all the classes get colourized properly and
are viewable in the different files.

I'll leave the coding/labelling, etc. to .jeff.


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From: "spinhead" <evolt at spinhead.com>

| (Oh, look, he's talking to himself.)
| My code doesn't use 'label' tags 'cause I forgot 'em in the final version.
| Also, the version on the test page isn't the one from my 5dec page. Am I
| confused?
| Can I do anything to pretend to be helpful?
| joel

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