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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Tue Jan 8 10:15:47 CST 2002


I'll be putting together an article later on today .. that highlights the
main features of teo before we roll it to production.

The changelog lists a lot of items as well .. some of which I'll include in
my above-mentioned article .. some not.

There's always going back to the original codefest task list ..
http://members.evolt.org/Mishka/CodeFest_2001/ which we're pretty much still
working from ... or at least that's the changes you'll see on teo now that
are almost ready to roll up.

There's discussions on theforum with respect to the survey results and the
new IA that Javi's been diligently working on.  These will greatly impact
what the next work load is for thesite.  I think the actual redesign is on
hold, while the IA is being discussed.  I have to admit to being very behind
on that list .. :(

Also, Dean's done a fair bit of work on the tips harvester, which wouldn't
be highlighted in the changelog on teo.

Anyway .. any questions just ask  :)


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| Now, would anyone be kind enough to write a couple of paragraphs of
| cliff's-notes to help me catch up on [thesite]? Pretty please?

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