[thesite] Final changes to change log

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Wed Jan 9 14:48:23 CST 2002

Jeff, Dan ..

Please review .. these items need to be added/modified for the change log
for the current version of teo.

+ added "recent threads on thelist" box back to the sidebar.  updated the
  html for it along with title attributes. - djc & .jeff

This should (a) be deleted or (b) indicate that this feature is currently
commented out within the code until it is fully functional.

Things to add:

(1) Brief note about user selected stylesheets, even though that feature is
currently unavailable.  Much of the backend code is there?  djc  (Dan, I'm
guessing on this??)

(2) Author recognition features added.   A floating table which appears on
each article page which displays author-specific information, including,
email address, links to user's page and bio, user since, last login, # of
articles written, average rating received, and total number of ratings.
(Note some additional queries exist that are not currently being used, they
have been commented out.)  User's page has been modified to allow uploading
of author's photos.  .jeff, isaac, Michele  (Jeff, verify or add yourself ;)

(3) Added a new column to the user's table to store author's bio
information.  Modified user page to allow submission and editing of author's
bio.  Author's bio is shown on each article page at the end of the article.
Also included is "additional articles by this author" if they exist.  .jeff
(Jeff, want to expand upon this?)

(4)  Added graphical representation of article ratings.  Article ratings
changed from "1 - bad, 2 - poor, 3 - okay, 4 - good, 5 great!!" -- to --
 "1 - poor, 2 - average, 3 - good, 4 - great, 5 - excellent".  (Jeff please

I think that's it ??


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