[thesite] Let's rock and roll .. teo --> weo

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Wed Jan 9 19:20:58 CST 2002


Final changes that need to be done before we move teo --> weo.  Let's aim
for Friday???

(1)  Jeff, add code to process Bio information entered on user page, based
on the accepted html tags.

(2)  Dan, Jeff, make changes to changelog as mentioned in an earlier email I
sent out today.

(3)  Jeff, code the new ratings bar as discussed.

(4)  Rudy, Dean or Dan .. add a column to the live DB for the author's bio.
(I've forgotten the details .. sorry, ask Jeff or check teo)

(5)  Jeff, Dan decide on caching issue.

(6)  I think Jeff had the right idea about not changing the DB on weo yet,
to reflect the changes Dean made, long to clob (or whatever it was ;).  That
said, there weren't any objections from the DB gurus that I saw ... However,
Dean said .. "This is a side-effect of the table changes that I made.  The
RATING table still has a foreign key relationship on the original
contenttable.  I'll move that now."  Does the code on teo need to be changed
(briefly) so that we can roll it up to weo?  (Someone check this please .. I
have no clue.)

(7)  Jeff, Dan review proposed article (that I just posted as a draft),
answer any questions or fill in blanks.  Everyone else, please provide
comments too.

That's it .. I think.


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