[thesite] Let's rock and roll .. teo --> weo

Dean Mah dmah at shaw.ca
Thu Jan 10 10:18:44 CST 2002

No changes to the CF code need to be made.  This was all database
related.  The RATING table had a foreign key relationship with the
CONTENT table.  I had to re-create that relationship on the new
CONTENT table that I created.


Michele Foster writes:

> (6) I think Jeff had the right idea about not changing the DB on weo
> yet, to reflect the changes Dean made, long to clob (or whatever it
> was ;).  That said, there weren't any objections from the DB gurus
> that I saw ... However, Dean said .. "This is a side-effect of the
> table changes that I made.  The RATING table still has a foreign key
> relationship on the original contenttable.  I'll move that now."
> Does the code on teo need to be changed (briefly) so that we can
> roll it up to weo?  (Someone check this please .. I have no clue.)

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