[thesite] Amiga Browsers - Just out of interest...

Olly Hodgson gnarly at gmx.co.uk
Thu Jan 10 13:21:23 CST 2002

The Amiga thread on thechat got me thinking. How would evolt.org look on an
Amiga browser?
So I launched WinUAE and then Voyager 3.2, and then voila!


The browser doesnt support CSS AFAIK. And the site degrades pretty darn well
IMHO, apart from the slight wobbliness of the header (not sure if thats a
browser specific quirk or not).

Anybody got any other browsers that are out of the mainstream they'd like to
show off? Atari? Acorn? Psion?

Olly - Yes, I'm the random Amiga user that'll pop up in this months stats

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