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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Fri Jan 11 11:35:11 CST 2002


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From: "Seb" <seb at members.evolt.org>

| Just out of interest, and not wanting to rehash old arguments that I might
| not be aware of, has anyone had the discussion that this page immediately
| suggests?
| http://test.evolt.org/user/Seb/19/index.html

You mean someone posting "inappropriate" material?  i.e. have the photos and
bio been reviewed/approved by Admin or some other body?

No .. hasn't been discussed .. not that I remember anyway.  The thought had
crossed my mind briefly .. and I think Jeff and I may have briefly discussed
if Bio text needs to be "approved" prior to submission.  But nothing
concrete and no decisions made.

It's sort of like comments .. where that material isn't approved before
being posted.  There is a mechanism in place to "grr" comments tho.

If memory serves .. and it may not .. those with "God" status can edit a
user's bio and/or photo.  Maybe that's not enough.  Maybe we should consider
some sort of "grr" and/or approval process.  Or we take the approach and see
if its abused, then deal with the situation as needed?

If I'm totally off base here, please let me know.  :)

| >Also, we may like to consider a page (however temporary) which lists
| >who have uploaded their pic and bio, so that members can browse around
| >start to get an idea of the faces that make up evolt.org, and read some
| >on who they are.
| >
| >Thoughts?
| +1
| I'd also suggest adding small icons to the user search results indicating
| those users that have pics and bios posted.

Good idea ..


(p.s.  do I have permission to delete that photo of yours prior to rolling
the code to production? ;)

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