[thesite] Let's Do It (teo --> weo)

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Fri Jan 11 15:08:06 CST 2002

everything is up and looking good(except for a few minor things in NN4)

thanks mich for putting so much time into this :)

Michele Foster wrote:

> Hi Everyone ....
> Dan's going to be rolling the code from teo to weo very shortly.  You may
> see some oddities during this transition.  Once Dan's done, we'll do a final
> double-check that nothing got broken, then post the article I wrote to
> Community News and parts of it to thelist.
> All photos uploaded will be rolled over automatically.  Anyone that entered
> a bio will need to re-enter it on weo (or copy it to weo).  I'll be adding,
> Jeff and Adrian's.
> Jeff, the ratings bar, we've commented out the new version for now.  Let's
> save it for the next iteration.  (Which hopefully won't be 4 months in
> preparing ;)

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