[thesite] the new author box

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Sat Jan 12 11:30:41 CST 2002

hi coders

madhu alerted me to a problem with one of my articles --


i don't really feel like going in and editing a sleeping article that was
perfectly good until this last quote unquote design enhancement, so i may
just leave it

seems to me that preventing this type of thing should be covered in the
code style guide, but i also realize the diminishing returns in trying to
anticipate everything -- besides, i don't even know if my article meets the
code style guide (i think it came before)

but anyhow, i have another question

in the bio under the article are listed 5 of my articles -- what is the
sort order on those five articles?  obviously it isn't date

the 5 that are chosen are not really the most representative of my
articles, in fact, one of them is so lame i feel like deleting it


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