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Sat Jan 12 11:44:25 CST 2002


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From: "rudy" <r937 at interlog.com>

| hi coders
| madhu alerted me to a problem with one of my articles --
|   http://evolt.org/article/TopTenSQL/18/131/evolt.org

ouch .. :(

Possible solutions ??

| in the bio under the article are listed 5 of my articles -- what is the
| sort order on those five articles?  obviously it isn't date
| the 5 that are chosen are not really the most representative of my
| articles, in fact, one of them is so lame i feel like deleting it

I'm not sure of this either .. however, I'm going to create a page that has
all of this information on it.  Whether it becomes an FAQ article or not,
I'm not sure.  I just find us always wondering, what's that "query" based on
... so, a list of all of them will prove useful in the future.

(who isn't really saying much important, but is avoiding looking at the mess
in the other room ;)

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