[thesite] the new author box

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Sat Jan 12 11:52:41 CST 2002

replying to my own posting...

i just read the baby article and have an additional comments

"date the user registered his/her evolt.org account"

this could be most confusing -- the user account?  the m.e.o. account? the
subscription to thelist?  the registration to the web site?

furthermore, "User since:" is unfortunate for those of us who have been
here since december 1998, because it seems the earliest dates are april
1999 (when the evolt 1.0 site went up)

pity the poor user who changes jobs and needs a new user id -- all those
lovely stats will be lost

when, oh, when will we be ready to work on the member pages?


p.s. "Have fun creating your photo. Be creative. Express your personality."

heh   watch out

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