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| replying to my own posting...

you're allowed .. once   ;)

| i just read the baby article and have an additional comments
| "date the user registered his/her evolt.org account"
| this could be most confusing -- the user account?  the m.e.o. account? the
| subscription to thelist?  the registration to the web site?

How can I make it more clear?  I struggled trying to come up with the right
words .. and bailed and just used "evolt.org account" .. Any ideas?  Is
"date the user registered his/her user id" more

| furthermore, "User since:" is unfortunate for those of us who have been
| here since december 1998, because it seems the earliest dates are april
| 1999 (when the evolt 1.0 site went up)

Good point .. can you grab a list of those with a date in April 1999 and do
an update on the records that should be back-dated?  If you have a list of
those in April 1999, I think there are several people here that can verify
which ones should be back dated to a more accurate date.  (just guessing ..
since I wouldn't be able to verify the info myself)

| pity the poor user who changes jobs and needs a new user id -- all those
| lovely stats will be lost

hehehe .. you're the DB guru .. you solve it ;)

Seriously, not sure what the solution is .. except to go through each userid
and try to match up old ones and new ones.  It's only when a user asks that
an old ID be changed, that it gets done.

| when, oh, when will we be ready to work on the member pages?

NOW!!!!  :)

Seriously .. can we work on them while the redesign is being done?  I think
so... as there's quite a bit of backend stuff to be done.  Jeff's got a few
things he wants to finish up on the latest code push .. affecting user pages
and article views .. once he's done that, we should put teo back to "draft"
stage, i.e. de-comment out the member page stuff that Dan started, and
continue working on that.

(hopes "de-comment out" is clear ;)

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