alt/title attributes on author pic (was Re: [thesite] [BUG] CSS for author pic)

David McCreath mccreath at
Sun Jan 13 17:14:11 CST 2002

aardvark wrote:

>>From: Madhu Menon <webguru at>
>>>the author's name appears above... no reason to do it in the
>>So does the username, for that matter. Right next to the author's name
>>If we include the ALT text for accessibility purposes too, then
>>something like "photo of [author]" might be a better choice, no?
> +1...

+1. "alt" tells you what the picture is, "title" describes it. Using 
"alt" instead of "title" is an old habit (I have *so* many tags to go 
change ...), but now that more browsers are supporting "title", we 
should use it.

> so, what goes in the title attribute?

I say let's stick with username for now. Maybe in the redesign we can 
offer a choice.


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