[thesite] [BUG] Author pic deleting?

matthew garrett matthew.garrett at snet.net
Mon Jan 14 07:52:36 CST 2002

> From: Martin <martin at members.evolt.org>

> On Sunday, January 13, 2002, at 07:00  pm, Michele Foster wrote:
>> What browser/OS are you using?
> IE5.1/OS X

I've had large problems with CF file uploads from users with that browser/OS
in the past. Do you have problems with file upload on any other sites?

My question is, what does the code look like for deciding whether to attempt
the file upload? I believe that IE associates a temp file with the input
file tag even if you have not specified a file. So if the cffile tag tries
to upload that file, and there's actually nothing really there... then it
could delete the existing file to replace it with... nothing.  is that part
of it?

I was actually never able to solve it, just thought it was worth mentioning.
has anyone with that combo had better success?

matt g

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