[thesite] how many ratings to appear in sidebar?

Richard Bennett richard.bennett at skynet.be
Tue Jan 15 02:34:06 CST 2002

> p.s. it was isaac that added the 6th rating
> you are now number 1

Which immediately shows up the complete redundancy of ANY internet voting
systems - they are corrupt before the first vote is even made, and can
seriously skew opinion, because the amount of votes is not used in a
mathematical sense to achieve the final result, and the potential amount of
voters (which could be found using the average amount of votes for all
articles) is not used to reflect peoples interest in the article.

Now this all doesn't sound like a big deal, until someone puts on their
resume that their articles on evolt.org have consequently been voted
"Highest Rated article" over the years, and it turns out they made 20 logins
to vote for their own articles, to show nicely on their resume.
And when someone else starts getting a well-rated article, this person can
use his 20 logins to "rate it a 1" .

Tying articles so blatantly to the author, with bio and picture, and then
displaying a top 10 of (essentially) authors, carries a serious


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