icons for the tip harvester (was Re: [thesite] Re: [***forum] page

David McCreath mccreath at ak.net
Tue Jan 15 17:24:24 CST 2002

Dean Mah wrote:

> Caveat: I've never been particularly good at design.  I just
> implement.  :)

Understood. My caveat is that I did that layout in 5 minutes.

> I'm not sure that I like the demo that you put up.  The white icons
> seem too bright to me and the date seems to get lost.

I agree that the layout isn't quite right; all your points are valid, 
but that's easy to work on. The icons could be darkened, or we could 
lighten the background they're on.

What do you think of the icons? Do they illustrate the concept? Or are 
they just window-dressing?

> But I'll go with whatever people agree on.

Me too.


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