[thesite] [bug] "new articles" on the rating sort

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Wed Jan 16 00:00:41 CST 2002

What about "rated" instead of "new" ?

I'd prefer that than the subjective use of "quality".

Even though "rated" isn't 100% accurate either cos that only covers off
articles with more than 5 ratings to appear in that list .. me thinks :)
(And articles of X categories ?)  If we put highest rated articles that will
be too large for that block .. ahh or we flip it around.  Put "articles" in
the left side, and "highest ratings" or "highest rated" in the right column.
(One day, when we get that FAQ article that explains in better detail what
each query/section takes into consideration, we can even have a link to it

I actually noticed something odd with the "[more]" comments too, it's
leading to the comment search .. which I don't think is the intention.


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From: "Warden, Matt" <mwarden at mattwarden.com>

| http://www.evolt.org/rating/index.html
| notice the text in the .pageTitle1 and .pageTitle2 sections? "new
| articles"
| but it isn't a sort by date, it's a sort by rating. any chance we can fix
| that to say simply "articles" or, if we must use two words, something like
| "quality articles"

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