[thesite] Re: icons for the tip harvester

David McCreath mccreath at ak.net
Wed Jan 16 11:41:12 CST 2002

Michele Foster wrote:

> Couple other suggestions ... I think the icons should be "bigger" and/or in
> colour.

Bigger than the larger sample? Or do you want to see a mock up with the 
the larger icons that are on my explanation page?

> How about something like this ...
> December 2001
> Week ending:
> 31            24              17            10         3
> icons        icons        icons        icons    icons

That's where the <h2> was supposed to be! Doh! The year! I completely 
forgot about that.

> With correct title tags for each icon (as identified in the Key, which is
> nice btw).

They're already titled. Hover over one of them and tell me what you 
think of it.

> I found myself thinking that the numbers reflected the number of tips .. ok,
> so, I'm sleepy.. give me a break ;)

Good point. The number needs to more clearly identified as a date.

> My two cents,
> Mich

Thankee, missy.

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