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David McCreath mccreath at ak.net
Wed Jan 16 11:50:50 CST 2002

Just to make sure everyone sees it:

I flubbed the code on my mock up, and in my explanation to aardvark.

<h3> *is* the correct designation for the month, because the <h2> was 
supposed to be the year. I just forgot to put it in, then forgot my 
reasoning when I was explaining it in my response to to aard.

rudy wrote:
 >aardvark wrote:

>>also, can we skip <h2> and go right to <h3> from an <h1>?
> can we?  absolutely

Well of course. People do it all the time.

> should we?  that's arguable

Not if we're going to set a good example. We need to maintain the hierarchy.

> the pros/cons of the argument might make for a good article, eh?

Using evolt.org as a good example of why you always should. :)

> i have yet to find a definitive resource on the web that explains to me
> clearly why skipping a level is "bad"

If you find yourself wanting to skip from <h1> to <h3>, then you need to 
examine your writing. There's probably an <h2> that should be put 
between the two, even if it's just one sentence, or in the case of what 
I'm doing on the mock up, just the header itself.

Alternatively, your orphaned <h3> section could be moved up in the 

Of course, that's a very strict interpretation, both in terms of writing 
and layout, but since HTML was intended to mark up written 
documentation, I stand by that interpretation. YOMV (your opinion may vary).


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