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rudy r937 at interlog.com
Wed Jan 16 12:11:55 CST 2002

> Of course, that's a very strict interpretation...

perhaps not strict enough

> ... both in terms of writing and layout, but since HTML
> was intended to mark up written documentation, I stand
> by that interpretation.   YOMV (your opinion may vary).


lemme ask you, does your interpretation allow P text inserted "in between"
these heading levels, like an introductory paragraph?

   <p>introductory comments, a page and a half</p>
         <p>stuff about curly</p>
         <p>stuff about larry</p>
         <p>stuff about moe</p>
   <p>wrapup comments</p>

since you are a markup fanatic, tell me where that last paragraph gets
parsed in the document hierarchy

now tell me how to fix it so that it's as "pure and semantically correct"
as not skipping an H level

YOMNCM  (your opinion may never convince me)



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