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aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 16 12:59:18 CST 2002

ok, just got back, replying to this without reading the rest of the 

> From: "rudy" <r937 at interlog.com>
> lemme ask you, does your interpretation allow P text inserted "in
> between" these heading levels, like an introductory paragraph?

there is no in-between... it falls under the heading immediately 
preceeding it...

>    <h1>stooges</h1>
>    <p>introductory comments, a page and a half</p>
>    <h2>curly</h2>
>          <p>stuff about curly</p>
>    <h2>larry</h2>
>          <p>stuff about larry</p>
>    <h2>moe</h2>
>          <p>stuff about moe</p>
>    <p>wrapup comments</p>
> since you are a markup fanatic, tell me where that last paragraph gets
> parsed in the document hierarchy

under <h2>moe</h2>...

by your argument, the second paragraph (and so on) under every 
heading would fall out of the hierarchy... imagine what that would 
do to a page... you only delimit the closing text by not indenting it, 
which doesn't matter to a renderer...

in short, your code example is wrong if you want that last <p> to 
be its own section...

> now tell me how to fix it so that it's as "pure and semantically
> correct" as not skipping an H level


<p>wrapup comments</p>

> YOMNCM  (your opinion may never convince me)

glad you're not talking to me on that one...

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