[thesite] an actual article?

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Wed Jan 16 14:22:31 CST 2002

On Jan 16, mrg had something to say about [thesite] an actual article?

>I'm not the expert on all of this, but i've figured a few things out. I
>would consult the wizards here behind the scenes to help make sure that it's
>thorough and true - with links to the appropriate articles on SQL, forms,
>etc for more detailed information.

no wizards.
no behind-the-scenes (anymore).


open to the public.

>It may take me a while, but i'd like to do it if it sounds worth doing,

sounds like a good idea. we dont' have enough beginner articles.

>oh, and is this the right list for this kind of thing...

not really. it probably should have been sent as a question to
admin at lists.evolt.org. But, since that isn't documented anywhere, i dont
think you're going to get slapped. ;-)


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