[thesite] A bunch of changes .. teo

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Wed Jan 16 16:38:55 CST 2002

Hey everyone ....

A bunch of small changes, bug fixes, etc. added to teo.  Many in response to
bug reports or feature requests on thesite list (and theforum).  I've added
the information below to the changelog file (which I added an extension of
.txt to so that I can get it to launch properly ;).

Also, the article view, I've commented out the ratings stuff that jeff still
needs to program.  Right now it only shows the "old" version.  This way this
page can be rolled up to weo without any problems.

IMHO, none of the changes below need to be documented in a Community News
article... too small.

Couple of notes at the bottom .. Dean a prob with the sidebar .. holler if
ya need more info.

+ Updated page titles for highest rated articles. - .jeff

+ Added feature to view of highest rated articles, can filter by category,
by selecting the category link on the left side bar.   - .jeff

+ Fixed [More] link under new comments. - .jeff

+ Added class="borderblack" and deleted border="1" to the author's images on
all pages where required. - Mishka

+ Added "added #who# : evolt.org" to user's display page title. - .jeff

+ Fixed anchors in preview article view. - .jeff

+ Added <br clear="all"> before bio box, to stop it overlapping the author
block. - Mishka

+ Fixed user search for "space"; redirects to advanced user search instead
of timing out. - .jeff

(Jeff, doesn't fix the time out problem tho?)

+ Added revived articles to article category view pages (except for FAQ,
News, Jobs, Community News and Suggestions categories).  Revived article is
filtered based on the category being viewed. - .jeff

+ Added floating table to the article preview page. = .jeff

+Updated xml_articles.cfm to search for articles in the past month not past
week. - .jeff

(Dean, double check that the sidebar is now working properly in NS/Moz ..
why is it being referenced to a file in deo's directory???)

One final thing .. can someone check the system clock on test.oreo box?
Seems to be a day and a 1/2 ahead of time (depending on your time of
course)... but its definitely off a day.  See the new comments Jeff and I
added to teo last night, are listed as Jan. 17th.  GC checked t.e.o. box and
its correct.

Opps, one more final thing ... Dan/Dean what's up with t.e.o. thinking
Community News = ID 2 when on w.e.o. it's ID 27 .. for consistency, can it
be "ID = 27" on t.e.o. .. as that's what was "agreed" upon.   ;)

Jeff, did I miss anything???


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