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Michele Foster michele at
Sat Jan 19 20:39:44 CST 2002

Brings up a point .. are we going to work towards searching the clobs now
that Dean's done the main content table as a test on t.e.o.

What needs to be done to now search this field? Indexing via IntermediaText
(or whatever it was called, Dean?)?

How many queries need to change?  To what extent?  Does the amount of effort
required outweigh the benefits?

What other testing/debugging should be done on t.e.o. before we say we are
comfortable with the changeover from long to clob field?  I don't think
we've stumbled across any bugs, aside from one that Dean fixed already (and
that wasn't really a bug but a missing PK (or FK) on the new content table).

Should we consider also changing comments to clobs so that the content can
be searched as well?

Is this something we want to pursue in the interim before v.3?  (Personally,
I think so, but I don't know exactly what we need to do to make it work.)


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| no, it currently only searches the synopsis because you can't perform a
| on a long datatype.  hopefully moving towards a clob will solve this
| shortfall.  either way it doesn't really matter because i have some ideas
| regarding search for v3.0 anyway.

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