[thesite] A new version of the evolt.org Directory

Simon Coggins ppxsjc1 at nottingham.ac.uk
Mon Jan 21 08:11:48 CST 2002

Hi evolters,

As many of you will know, I've been responsible for looking after the
evolt.org directory subsite. Lately I have been thinking about the
direction it should be taken in the future. 

This project has really been "my baby" up until now, in that I've retained
control over the code and approving links in the database. While I would
be happy to continue to do this, I don't feel that it really takes
advantage of one of evolt's greatest strengths - the fact that we have a
community of web developers with a wide range of different skills and

With that thought in mind, I have produced an outline document designed to
sketch out some improvements that I think are important for the next
version of the directory. The planned changes should allow many evolt
members to assist in the care and expansion of the directory in their own
particular field of interest/expertise.  I hope that this policy of
collaboration will be reflected in the way that the new version is built -
so all you PHP/MySQL junkies out there, please get in touch if you're
interested in helping. 

The production guide can be found at:


It's already fairly long I'm afraid, but just skimming the Introduction
and Production Aims sections should give you an idea what I have in
mind. What I'm looking for now is feedback. If you can find the time to
have a look at the guide and let me know what you think I would appreciate
it. If you're interested in getting involved with some of the coding -
that's fantastic. Just post to thesite or email me offlist and I'll make a
note of your email address and what you're interested in doing.

All comments are welcome, but if you can start with general comments
rather than suggestions on some of the specific issues that are discussed
in the guide that would be great. I plan to pose the more specific
questions to thesite over the next couple of weeks to allow each of them
to be discussed in more detail.

Finally, on a more personal note, I should say that this is the first time
I've attempted to initiate a collaborative effort like this over the
internet and I'm not doubting that I'm going to make a few mistakes. Any
suggestions or advice about the whole process would be greatly appreciated.


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