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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Mon Jan 21 11:24:08 CST 2002

(this may arrive twice .. oops, trying to figure out what's up)

Hi Simon,

That's an awesome piece of documentation.  Excellent work, very clear and

As far as I can tell, your biggest hurdle will be the user authentication
and linking to the existing weo user table.  (Hint, we need to get back on
track with ueue and decide what we're going to do, what will work, etc.)

I'm not sure there are plans to allow the subsites to use user-selected (or
created) stylesheets.  However, it is still a good idea to think that may be
the case one day and plan/develop accordingly.

Currently, on theforum, discussions are underway with respect to the overall
evolt IA and for redesigning the evolt site and sub-sites (I presume).  I
bring this up as a *warning* that we all have to be sure that information
flows through to thesite, so that those developing projects are aware of
what's going on and that they can plan accordingly.  I don't want to halt
production on anything while the evolt IA and redesign are being discussed
on another list, I just want to make sure everyone is aware of what's going

One final point .. is the survey results.  To the question, Do you use the
directory (found at directory.evolt.org).  Of 616 respondents, 434 answered
this question.  Of them, 24.2% (105) said Yes, while 75.8% (329) said No.

In my mind, those numbers are significant.  I think it might be a worthwhile
exercise to come up with plans of action to make deo more usable/useful to
the members.  I don't want to discourage the work done, and proposed, please
don't get me wrong.  I just want to bring it up and make sure that we make
informed decisions.  So, it might be a good idea to step back a bit and
discuss deo in greater detail on theforum.  Assess what we have, what's
proposed and then make a decision whether the project is worth keeping,
expanding upon or abandoning.

Again, I don't want to discourage at all.. personally, I like deo and think
it is very useful.  However, the numbers seem to indicate otherwise.  And,
its very possible the only reason for those numbers the way they are, is
because people don't know it exists.  But, let's discuss it and decide how
to proceed.


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