[thesite] A new version of the evolt.org Directory

Simon Coggins ppxsjc1 at nottingham.ac.uk
Mon Jan 21 11:54:08 CST 2002

> One final point .. is the survey results.  To the question, Do you use the
> directory (found at directory.evolt.org).  Of 616 respondents, 434 answered
> this question.  Of them, 24.2% (105) said Yes, while 75.8% (329) said No.
> In my mind, those numbers are significant.  I think it might be a worthwhile
> exercise to come up with plans of action to make deo more usable/useful to
> the members. 

I'm totally with you on this. Even personally, I have to confess that the
directory is hardly an invaluable resource to me. Occasionally I'll search
it for something I know exists but can't remember the url, but that's
about it.

I was of the opinion that perhaps the number of links/categories would
need to reach a 'critical mass' (in terms of size) before things really
took off. That's why I think having many admins each looking after their
own category is an important step. I hope it would increase the number and
improve the quality of the links.

But perhaps that's not enough to make it truely useful. I'll start a
thread on theforum as you suggest and see what everyone else thinks.

Thanks for the feedback Michele, it's just the sort of thing I was looking


P.S. Incidently, if anyone's interested in how the directory's grow since
it was created, I've made a quick graph here:

(x-axis is slightly incorrect but you get the idea)

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