[thesite] Fw: [XX]: .html, or .htm? - or - .shtml vs .sht?

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Mon Jan 21 15:00:07 CST 2002

you know how they say when your site is down it costs you money?

well, when our site is down, it costs us new members

see attached post from, ahem, another list, by staunch evolt advocate

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From: Matthew Haughey <matt at haughey.com>
Date: January 21, 2002 15:28
Subject: RE: [WD]: .html, or .htm? - or - .shtml vs .sht?

>>Also, shorter URLs are perhaps easier to remember? (for developers, I
>>(while the difference here is only one letter, it really adds up when you
>>see a url like:
>>tID=2291&sessionID=267381522636 ..
>>instead of
>>636 ..
>>(every character does add up.. 'especially if you hate to scroll through
>>address/url field in your browser looking for a particular variable..)
>This problem is separate from filename schemes, and I would suggest
>into server-side rewrite tricks to shorten your urls as much as possible
>(note that both examples wrapped). It's well covered here:
>and there is a windows/IIS port of apache's rewrite here:
>and a different approach with php:
>There are also a bunch of articles at evolt.org (I'd include them but I
>can't seem to reach the site right now), about "search engine friendly

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