[thesite] Re: WEO Oracle DB Problem

Dean Mah dmah at shaw.ca
Tue Jan 22 22:43:04 CST 2002

Daniel J. Cody writes:

> ya, versions of 8i have issues with the 2.4 kernels and the glibc
> versions they usually acoompany. technet.oracle.com provides better
> answers than i will, but i recall only linking specific binarys, not
> the whole bunch, so relinking intermedia shoud do the trick. if you
> want more input, lemme know...

Ummm...  I think that you need to do it.  I believe that you need
access to the install CD or media to relink the binaries.

> (the reason test.e.o works is because the oracle box behind that
> site is the 2.2.19 kernel, hence no issues with oracle 8.1.7

Actually, Oracle 8.1.7 doesn't require the configuration of Net8 to
handle external procedure calls.  That version uses an Oracle 'shadow
process' to do the indexing.

> (which *was* our old production DB a couple months ago). if this is
> a huge issue(intermedia), just lemme know and i'll sacrifice my
> first child and update oreo to the latest greatest version of 8i :)

If we don't use interMedia Text to search the CLOB files, I could
investigate writing a stored proc. to do the job.  It'd be a lot
better to use IMT as it has a lot of features other than just simple
searching, e.g., ranking results, grammatical stemming, etc.


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