[thesite] A new version of the evolt.org Directory

Miriam miriam at members.evolt.org
Wed Jan 23 06:42:58 CST 2002

Simon, I think that's a great suggestion; editors as "gardeners" for each
area.... growing, pruning, etc... perfect thing for distributed labor. And
you're right about the bookmarks, too. I had so many requests for sources
that I have a list on my site... I'm sure many others do as well. I'm
raising my hand and volunteering to take care of the design, color &
typography areas. Can take on more (IA, etc.) if needed.

> I think the solution is to have editors
> for each category, which is why I'm hoping to move the code in that
> direction. Imagine if we had an evolt member who was really into PHP
> running that category. It wouldn't take a great deal of time for them to
> come up with a kick-ass list of links on the subject (they probably have
> loads bookmarked anyway).


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