[thesite] Re: [admin] Grrr! - Comment Complaint - 23-Jan-2002

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Wed Jan 23 16:18:11 CST 2002

from the admin list, where something is happening with grrrs...

> i think there are certain categories that the ability to rate
> should be removed -- news, community news, faq, and jobs.


this is the "subject to rating" attribute for the article category entity:

probably it will be another column in the CATTYPE table, but a few more of
these, and we may need a separate table

jeff, showing/hiding the rating radio buttons would be driven by this
column -- don't let's hardcode the categories, okay?  ;o)

also, is "show articles on home page" still hardcoded?

when's a good time to launch the CATTYPE project?  i think it would be easy
to isolate, but that's a guess, and you code jockeys would have to estimate
the total impact on the code first...

is this making sense?


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