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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Wed Jan 23 17:25:31 CST 2002


Updated the file accordingly.  A couple additional questions below.

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From: ".jeff" <jeff at members.evolt.org>

| all categories are looked at for the average rating.  this will be fixed
| we move to a system where only some categories can have ratings because
| we'll blow away the existing ratings on the articles in categories that
| can't have ratings.

Will add a <proposed> section in a bit.  Nailing down what we have currently

| all categories are looked at for the total articles.
| the following categories are excluded when gathering the "other articles
| this author" block:
|   - news
|   - jobs
|   - suggestions
|   - faq
| community news should be added to this, but currently isn't part of the
| excluded.

I think this is the way you originally coded this, but you changed it .. to
what I'm not 100% sure.  For example, my other articles do appear, even
though they are FAQ or CN.. Can you double-check this one please.

Also, do "suggestions" appear on the front-page?  (I thought there were 3
cats that didn't .. but I might be dreaming.)


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