[thesite] ADMIN: Mailing list upgrades complete!

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Thu Jan 24 14:05:00 CST 2002

Well, strangely enough, everything worked on the first try, welcome back

A couple of the new features you're going to notice right away about the
upgraded MG mailing list softare:

- List specific information(subscribing, unsubing, archives) are not
included in the header of the message. Certain email clients take
advantage of that extra info and provide you with an easier interface to
manage your lists.evolt.org accounts.

- Random x-evolt headers! Yes, now the fun doesn't have to be
monotenous as well! ;) This interestingly enough took up the majority of
the development time, but should prove well worth it in laughes.

- Automatic HTML / Attachment stripping. This has been a huge problem for
people since day one.. We've been manually stopping and approving posts
that contained HTML, RTF, etc formatting or attachments for a long time
now, and it hasn't been the best situation for anyone.. The new version
will now start stripping HTML or other formatting off the posts
automagically.. This is probably the coolest feature to get added, and
should improve the experience for everyone!

- Better archiving, and a performance tweak or five

- For those of you subscribed to more than one list on lists.evolt.org,
you'll now be able to manage them *all* from *one* page. No more having to
hop around to 4 different interfaces to change an option on four different
lists. From any listinfo page(lists.evolt.org/mailman/listinfo/thelist for
example) enter your email address in the 'options' field at the bottom,
and you'll be taken to a page where if you put in your password(the "send
me my password" feature is also fixed now), you can manage all your
subscriptions from one page. Very cool for those of you on 2-3 evolt
lists. :)

...and a couple other smaller features. A lot of these new features were
implemented based on your feedback from the evolt.org survey last month,
so thanks for contributing, it really does pay off ;)

Hopefully you enjoy these updates, but if you have any problems, or notice
anything out of the ordinary, feel free to contact me directly :)


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