[thesite] Status Updates on Various Projects

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Thu Jan 24 18:17:01 CST 2002

On Monday, January 21, 2002, at 07:52  pm, Michele Foster wrote:

> I'd like to assess what's being worked on, what's being held pending
> whatever, and progress/status of the various evolt projects.

Hi Michele

A good clear list - certainly helped me get my head round what's

Rudy suggested a Wiki on theforum to throw ideas around,
particularly for areas which are still at the "what are we
doing with this?" stage.

He astutely observed that archives, by their very nature, force
you to look backwards whereas a "living document" has a
chance of getting us to look forwards

It makes sense to extend that to thesite's thinking, and I
think it'll make collaboratively maintaining a status list
a bit easier too.

(sorry Rude for quoting the offlist observation, but I thought
it was too good to miss)

So I've thrown your update up at
with purty links to edit forms to create pages for each one.

(I've locked all the help and structural pages, but anyone
can edit any of the others rn. It would be nice if you set
a username pref so we can see who's the last person
to edit a doc. If it gets attacked by JoTheCracker I can beef
up the security pretty easily)

If this makes everyone's life easier, great. If it doesn't
and it doesn't get used, nbd as it's only taking up about
50k of disk space.

(who would have thrown it up on meo if it had been as
quick to do with Perl/CF/PHP, all of which could have
been used just as effectively)
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