[thesite] Re: [xxxlist] Tip Harvest for the Week of Monday Jan 21, 2002

Dean Mah dmah at shaw.ca
Mon Jan 28 10:46:00 CST 2002

Fixed.  It happened when Dan moved to the new mailing list code.  I
have a hidden file .thetips.id that keeps track of the last thelist
message processed.  This file did not get moved over when Dan did the
upgrade so the harvester started from the beginning of thelist's


rudy writes:

> oy vey, what happened?
> looks like the tip harvester summary polled all the tips ever submitted
> daniel, here's one post to thelist that i think you could go and kill so
> that it does not end up in the digest
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> rudy (109)
> rudy limeback (112)
> rudy limeback (r937%40interlog.com) (5)
> rudy limeback (r937 at NOSPAM.interlog.com) (1)
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