[thesite] Re: [xxxlist] Tip Harvest for the Week of Monday Jan 21,

Dean Mah dmah at shaw.ca
Mon Jan 28 17:31:01 CST 2002

The problem is that the tip harvester went beserk and harvested all
tips from the starting of thelist to the current day.  The tip
harvester then sent a message to thelist saying that 4000+ tips for
last week were submitted.  I was trying to pull that message from the

1. Deleted all the files in archives/private/thelist/Week-of-Mon-20020128
2. Edited the thelist.mbox file to remove the tip harvester's original message
3. Ran bin/arch thelist

I thought that it was supposed to re-create the archives based on
thelist.mbox file but somehow it kept putting the tip harvester
message back into the HTML files.  It didn't put them in the .txt file

'b' is a backup of the Week-of-Mon-20020128 directory.
'a' is a backup of the Week-of-Mon-20020128.txt file.


Warden, Matt writes:

> dean, if ya could, shoot me an email telling me what the problem is
> and exactly what files you touched. i had to figure this shit out
> the last time we went through this and should be able to do it again
> (as long as not a whole lot has changed in the new version as far as
> which files do what)
> --
> mattwarden
> mattwarden.com
> On Jan 28, Dean Mah had something to say about Re: [thesite] Re: [xxxlist]...
> >I tried.  I tried what was posted on the Mailman FAQ but it didn't
> >seem to work.  I blew away the archive and then tried re-running it
> >but it kept pulling the message from somewhere.  In the process, I
> >fux0red the sequence numbers (there's a gap now) of the HTML mail
> >files.  Should've known better than to play around with things I know
> >nothing of.  :)

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