[thesite] Voting Application - initial DB ideas

Isaac Forman isaac at triplezero.com.au
Wed Jan 30 21:38:04 CST 2002

Very rough:

id, name, description, priv, opendate, closedate, announced (simple flag)

id, questionid, name, description (optional)

id, priv, name, password, email, (active - not sure if required (see

id, optionid, userid, timestamp

id, name, description

userid, groupid, active (i.e., if user is active within that group)

I'm probably missing some terribly obvious fields, so let me know. Just
wanted to start it off. If you don't know why I've put something in, ask.

Also thought that it might be good to have an option so that the app could
contact anyone who is yet to vote on an issue.

i.e., once a question has been proposed, you Announce it (hence announced
flag). Then maybe 36 hours later, as a courtesy (not required, just if you
remember, or if people are forgetting to vote), you Notify, which privately
emails all registered voters who are yet to vote on the issue, with a
reminder of closing time, etc.



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